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This M’sian Restaurant Matchmakes You With Other Diners So You Don’t Have to Eat Alone



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Eating alone eventually becomes a norm as you get older, especially during dinner time when you no longer stay with your parents and your friends are all out with their significant others. #bitter

One restaurant in Johor, though, has got your back!

Xing Fu Xiao Guo, situated in Kulai, is the first ever steamboat restaurant that offers matchmaking services to solo customers.

Source: Facebook

Here’s how it works:

Firstly, order your food and drink. Once seated, there will be border in front of you. Knock two to three times on the border and once you’re ready to meet the person hidden behind it, press the button and the border opens. You’ll then be face to face with a stranger who could eventually become a friend!

But of course, the person behind the wall can choose to close the border after you’ve opened it, so don’t get offended if they do!

So, hey, the next time you don’t have a dinner date and don’t want to eat alone, just take a road trip down to Kulai and meet your potential new best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend!

I know where I’m going for dinner. 


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