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This M’sian Developed His First App at 13yo, Gets Scholarship From Gifted School in Singapore



This M'sian Writes His First App at 13 Years Old, Gets Recruited by S'pore Gifted School With Scholarship - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Wern Jie / Today Online
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Children with extraordinary intelligence are crucial for building a nation, especially for a developing country like Malaysia. Sadly, for the past decade, many have left Malaysia to pursue their education after being offered attractive scholarships by foreign top learning institutions.

Likewise, 15-year-old Lim Wern Jie is one of them who has been recruited by the National University of Singapore High School of Mathematics and Science (NUSHS). Just so you know, the institution is a specialised independent high school that offers highly accelerated mathematics and science curriculum for super smart children. In short, you have to be a brilliant kid to get in there. 

Source: Wern Jie

According to Berita Harian and Sinchew, Lim first caught the attention of NUSHS when he developed his first iOS application at the tender age of 13 after learning from YouTube videos. The app is called Phone Security Alarm and to date, it has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users.

This huge success has led him to develop 50 more apps and some of them even catered to the needs of people with disabilities. For instance, the ‘Personal Diary’ app allows users to easily key in content and is friendly to visually-impaired people.

After enrolling into NUSHS, Lim told Berita Harian that the institution focuses tremendously on the learning of science and technology, which is exactly what he needs to further develop his talent. The syllabus there is also way more advanced than in Malaysia.

For instance, Lim said that although he is only in his third year at the high school, he constantly needs to refer to books catered to higher level students. In fact, the reference books are often on the same par with the ones used by Form 6 students.

Lim chose to accept the scholarship offer because he is passionate about mathematics and science. Besides, NUSHS provides a conducive learning environment and a platform for him to connect with like-minded students.

“The internet connection here (in NUSHS) is four times faster compared to the ones in Malaysia and it’s cheaper as well. What’s more important is that I get to further explore my interest in mathematical subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology,” Lim said. 

Fast internet and a love for mathematical subjects? Sorry, we can’t relate to any of that. 🙁

Source: Today Online

We hope that the Malaysian government can step up its game in retaining gifted students by offering better scholarships and building more gifted schools for the talented ones. Come back once you’ve graduated, our country needs you, Lim! 


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