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This Melaka Hotel Lets Lonely Travellers Rent Goldfish as Pets During Their Stay



Melaka Hotel Offers Baby And Shark For Solo Travelers - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Facebook
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For solo travellers heading to Melaka, one hotel is letting its guests rent company while staying at their hotel. No, you don’t get a person, cat or dog, but the next best thing — a goldfish!

Moty Hotel Melaka has its very own rent-a-goldfish program, free of charge — as long as you observe the terms and conditions of course (mainly not killing them).

Source: Facebook

The fishes, whose names are Baby and Shark, can be temporarily yours FOC, with a penalty of RM100 imposed should Baby and Shark be found “dead or fried”.

Fried goldfish anyone?

Hilariously, there are other basic rules imposed on would-be suitors, which can be observed in the list below:

Source: Facebook

Worryingly, the fish are known to be “dangerous” themselves, and responsible for “millions of deaths every year”. So if you ever think of renting Baby and Shark, don’t think about hurting it, and it might just spare you.

The next time you have a hankering to explore Malaka and have no company to bring along, remember that companionship may just be at the hotel lobby you’re staying in.

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Melaka Hotel Offers Baby And Shark - WORLD OF BUZZ


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