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This Man Wins the Internet by Preparing Romantic McDonald’s Dinner for V-Day



McDreamy! S'porean Man Prepares Romantic Spread in McDonald's with Coke and Twister Fries - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter
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Sometimes, it’s not about how much a romantic date costs, it’s about the effort behind it! Though some may look down upon the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day at a fast food joint, you might change your mind after seeing the dedication that this lovestruck man put into his McDonald’s-themed date!

In a viral tweet by Singaporean photographer Xavier Lur (@xavierlur), he posted two screenshots of Instagram Stories uploaded by @cherylwooboohoo, who saw first hand the impending Valentine’s Day date.

The man can be seen pouring Milo into a wine glass, which is set atop a McDonald’s table draped with a red cloth, gourmet-style. A big bouquet of pink, red and white balloons float behind the table, elevating the atmosphere.

Source: Twitter

Already, we are loving this setup. But wait, it gets even better. In the next photo, the spread has expanded to include french fries, twister fries, and various boxes of burgers. Oh, and he even prepared another drink beside the Milo, which was Coca-Cola — in a wine glass — upsized.

Source: Twitter

While @cherylwooboohoo documented the date, the man came over to her and asked for her help to look after the table while he went off to take care of a few things.

Although we wish we know how things ended between Singaporean McDreamy here and his lucky beau, it looks like we may not find out in the foreseeable future as Xavier has not provided any new updates, and @cherylwooboohoo’s Instagram profile is set to private.

That said, we wish the couple all the very best, and we’ll definitely be looking at McDonald’s in a different light when we make plans for Valentine’s Day next time!

McDreamy! S'porean Man Prepares Romantic Dinner in McDonald's with Coke and Twister Fries - WORLD OF BUZZ

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