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This Machine Has a ‘Vaginal Environment’ That Helps Doctors Collect Donors’ Sperm



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Source: Twitter
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You know how hospitals require men to “do the deed” in a cup when they go for fertility tests? Well, now there’s a machine built specially to assist men in that area.

This device is called the “automatic sperm extractor” and it has been clinically-approved to help hospitals and clinics collect sperm from donors who are reluctant to masturbate the “old-fashioned” way. It even promises the sensation of a “vaginal environment”, as mentioned in a NextShark article.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Its model name is “SW-3701 Trolley Type Sperm Collector” which was developed by Sanwe, a medical equipment manufacturer in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province.

A video of the machine was posted by Twitter user @AngryManTV last week and it has been making its rounds on social media with thousands liking and commenting on it.

The video features a mechanical orifice that thrusts itself rhythmically through an opening, and can simulate actions such as massage, sucking, twitching and vibration for a “fast and safe” semen collection. Users can also control the amplitude, frequency and temperature of the machine to their liking and adjust the height to suit the individual user.

Aside from helping men with semen collection, it allegedly helps treat premature ejaculation by using “strong currents [that] impact and rub the glans penis repeatedly in order to reduce the excitability of nerve endings so as to passivate the nerve of glans penis, sulcus coronarius, and the surface of the penis, and regulate the sex nerve center.”

Costing $4,999 to $5,999 (approx. RM20,600 to RM24,700) on Alibaba, it is described as a gadget that “merges modern digital technology, automatic control technology and simulation technologies, with semen collection and premature ejaculation desensitization training function.”

Source: Twitter

There were questions raised on how sanitary the device is, considering that the machine is out in medical facilities for regular public use, but its “exclusive collection sheath” supposedly prevents contamination.

What an interesting invention. Do you think it could actually be helpful for hospitals and clinics? Do you think it will encourage men to come donate their sperm? Let us know in the comments below.


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