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This Little M’sian Girl Singing a Chinese New Year Song Will Unite Us All This Festive Season



This Little M'sian Girls Singing Chinese New Year Song Can Unite Us All This Festive Season - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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Following the whole hullabaloo over a Puchong school and their Chinese New Year decorations, Malaysians needed something to cheer them up and bring them together again considering the racial tension it caused online.

Well, we think we’ve found the perfect thing.

A little Malay school girl was filmed singing a Chinese New Year song during a celebration, and might we add, she sounds amazing! David Koo took to Facebook to share the video.

種族和諧就從唱歌開始! 唱得很好聽 ! 请給這位馬來小妹妹一個贊👍

Posted by David Koo on Saturday, January 11, 2020

David wrote, “Racial harmony begins with singing. She sang so well! Please give this little girl a like!”

Her singing was heavily praised online not only because of her sweet voice but also how she showed us that just because we are of different races and religions doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate each other’s cultures together.

Source: Facebook

This comment goes, “This is what One Malaysia is about, little sister, you are the best!”

Source: Facebook

It’s so nice to see such acceptance and celebration of each other’s cultures among Malaysians. This little girl should be a shining examples to how we should embrace unity within our own country.

David’s posting has since garnered over 9,200 shares.

Kudos, little girl!


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