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“This is My Life’s Work,” Shelter Owner Who Spent RM9 Million For Animals Passes Away From Cancer



Shelter Owner Who Dedicated Her Life To Animals Passed Away Due To Stomach Cancer - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: MettaCats&DogsSanctuary&MettaCats&DogsSanctuary
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A death is something that is felt not only by family, but by the community that surrounds that person. People who dedicated their lives to the service of others, in particular, are a loss that will be severely felt.

Mdm. Lee Siew Ying, who was the founder of Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary, passed away on the 17th of November 2019 due to stomach cancer after she was diagnosed with in April 2019.

She founded this rescue centre in 1999 when she wanted to bring another five cats home, but realised that her house could no longer accommodate them as she already had 20 CATS. Her son, Terry, who has currently taken over the operations of the shelter, told Zaobao that his mom who worked at a clinic in the mornings and would immediately rush to the shelter after her work.

“Even when she was undergoing chemotherapy, she never stopped caring for the cats and dogs.”

According to their Facebook page, the wake was held until her cremation today (21st Nov 2019), and the sweetest part is that they requested no wreaths be given and for the money to instead be donated to their shelter.

Funeral Wake till 21stSingapore Casket, Sapphire hallLavender No wreath pleaseInstead, donate to any animal rescue causehttps://www.facebook.com/mettacatsanddogssanctuary/videos/490693681106318/

Posted by Mettacats & Dogs Sanctuary on Monday, November 18, 2019

They even posted some of her direct quotes, some which are truly heart-warming, and show the love that she possessed towards these animals and her cause.

“Many years ago, I had a very severe asthmatic attack. I thought I would die. Then I willed myself to live. So many lives depend on me. I could not die yet.”

Terry also said that his mom spent over S$3 million (RM9,188,229.19) in 20 years and used up almost all her savings just for the animals, and even told him that the shelter was her life’s work, and he should continue it.

You can help out by donating to their shelter or even joining to become a volunteer, which they desperately need.

It’s sad that a person whose life was taking care of stray animals and giving them a home is not with us today. We can just be grateful that the heavens got another angel today.


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