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This Instagram Account Lists Out Rosmah’s Accessories & How EXPENSIVE They Are



This Instagram Account Lists Out Rosmah's Accessories & Their Corresponding Prices - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: @rosmahmansor_jamtangan | Instagram
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DISCLAIMER: We cannot verify whether all of the information presented in this account is accurate. 

With Barisan Nasional’s (BN) historic shock loss in last week’s 14th general election, a lot of events have already unfolded. Former prime minister Najib Tun Razak stepped down as head of UMNO and leader of BN, his stepdaughter also called out his wife, Rosmah Mansor for her alleged corrupt behaviour, and their home was also just raided by the police early this morning.

Now, as more information from the former prime minister’s administration begins to surface like the 1MDB auditor’s report, an Instagram account has started receiving a lot of online attention following the election. The account, with the username @rosmahmansor_jamtangan, which was started earlier in 2018, shows photos of our former first lady, Rosmah, wearing a variety of her accessories, comprising mostly watches and bags.

Accompanying photos showing the brands of each accessory are also displayed in each post, along with their reported prices written in the caption.

The account’s description reads,

“The extensive collection of watches worn by Rosmah Mansor. All information given (is) based on reliable sources.”

Here are just some of the posts uploaded on this account;

Rosmah Birkin RM680,000

A post shared by rosmahmansor_jamtangan (@rosmahmansor_jamtangan) on

Usd 47,445 = RM 185,400 Franck Muller Master Square 18k Rose gold

A post shared by rosmahmansor_jamtangan (@rosmahmansor_jamtangan) on

432,500 € = RM 2.08 Million Roger Dubuis Velvet Haute Joaillerie

A post shared by rosmahmansor_jamtangan (@rosmahmansor_jamtangan) on

Hublot skull sunflower Gbp 14,000 = RM74,700

A post shared by rosmahmansor_jamtangan (@rosmahmansor_jamtangan) on

A cross-check has indicated that the Instagram posts featured above have listed accurate prices. Check them out here for yourselves;

  1. Birkin bag
  2. Franck Muller watch
  3. Roger Dubuis watch 
  4. Hublot watch 

What do you think of this account? Let us know in the comments below!


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