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This Disabled Perak Woman Was So Determined, She Learnt to Drive Without Arms



This Perak Woman Was Born With No Arms But She Learnt How to Drive to Be Independent - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Berita Harian
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There’s always the stereotype that those with a physical disability are restricted from doing certain activities just like any other person. There are cases where they are rejected from doing a certain job or tasks just because of their disabilities. This woman, however, proved that being disabled is not an excuse and they can actually live their lives without inconveniencing others!

According to Harian Metro, Norfarrah is a disabled person who has been armless since birth and uses her legs to do her daily work including driving to work and other destinations.

She started her driving routine seven years ago and has gotten used to it even if she’s driving alone.

The reason why she picked up on learning how to drive was because her father, Shaari Othman, 64, kept on going to and fro from their house, sending and fetching her from work. That then made her think how long should she depend on her father and those around her to live her own life.

“Starting from there, the desire to have a driving license began to sprout. At first, I didn’t have the confidence in doing it until I saw I saw the capability of my other disabled friend driving even in her imperfect physical condition,” she said.

“Since then, I frequently contacted this friend of mine by asking questions before I braved myself to learn how to drive. Alhamdulillah, I managed to pass the driving test.”

Source: Harian Metro

The 31-year-old who now works as an assistant in Kolej Komuniti Teluk Intan, Perak, said that she only took two weeks on getting used to driving with her legs. Wow! That’s really amazing!

She added that the hardest thing for her when it comes to driving is parking the car in reverse.

“Yes, it was hard, but it wasn’t even a month until I managed on getting myself used to driving with confidence. Alhamdulillah, everything went well and so far I’ve never been involved in a traffic accident.”

“Furthermore, I am now comfortable driving with both of my legs and no problems have occurred so far. My daily life routine is also done by using my legs,” she added.

Source: Harian Metro

Norfarrah had also said that she didn’t expect her driving with her legs to go viral on social media and only knew about it after she was told by her friend.

“I was surprised and happy at the same time because a lot of people gave support and encouragement to me.”

“I would like to thank everyone and I believe that there are still a lot of disabled people out there who have remarkable talents and capabilities. What matters most is to be high spirited and to always work hard because status as a disabled person is not an excuse to inconvenience those around you,” the woman said, who is also actively working as a motivator in schools around Perak.

We’re so happy and inspired to hear how positively motivated this woman is! Truly, being disabled is not an excuse and Norfarrah had just proven it herself!


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