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This Company Allows People To “Borrow” Dogs From Their Owners For An Hour Or More



This Company Allows People To "Borrow" Dogs From Their Owners For An Hour Or More - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Sun / Instagram
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OMG, guys, they have a dog Tinder and we’re freaking out! 

Well, it’s not exactly a dog Tinder because it’s actually a dog rental system! This company in Singapore allows dog owners to loan their pets to dog borrowers for SGD10 (RM30.14) per hour.

Furpal is like a no-string attached programme whereby dog borrowers – who love the company of a furry friend but can’t commit to one right now – can use this alternative to spend time with cute dogs.

Besides that, dog borrowers can figure out if they are ready for a new dog by spending time with the one they “borrowed” via Furpal. This service is also perfect for people who want to destress from their busy working life. Ain’t it perfect? 

On the other hand, this service is great for dog owners who don’t have much time to play with dogs and need to earn some extra cash. This whole service is a win-win situation! 

FYI, it’s actually pretty simple to sign up as a dog owner/borrower because all you need to do is go to Furpal’s website and fill in the necessary blanks. Here’s an example of how the form for owners and borrowers will look like:

Source: Furpal/Furpal

After signing up, owners can advertise their fur kids while borrowers can browse through the list of Furpals and choose which furry baby they would like to hang out with. Here’s an example of a dog’s biodata:

Source: Furpal

On that note, borrowers don’t have to worry about their safety when spending their day around these dogs because “every owner and dog are manually screened” to make sure that their pet is fit to be a part of the Furpal service. That means they are smart and friendly dogs!

Not only that, but they are always improving their safety for borrowers as well as Furpals, and they have a 24/7 hotline as well as emergency response teams. So, borrowers needn’t worry about their safety whatsoever! 

Unfortunately, this service is not available in Malaysia but hopefully, they expand their business and bring it here too. #FingersCrossed

Would you sign up for Furpal’s services if they were available in Malaysia? Let us know in the comments below!  


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