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This BN Poster May Have Removed the Twin Towers, But We Can Still See the Reflection



The Twin Towers Disappear in BN Poster, But Netizens Can Still See The Reflection - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Found The World / Najib Razak
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Seriously, they need to hire someone else to handle their posters, as this is not the first time BN screwed up their posters!

With the general election just around the corner, all political parties including Barisan Nasional (BN) are bombarding voters with their fantastic manifesto in order to win the rakyat’s heart.

BN even uploaded their manifesto onto NajibRazak.com which included 14 points in total. However, the poster of point 13 stood out from the rest and caught netizens’ attention. Can you see what’s wrong? 

Source: Najib Razak

Yes, that’s right! The world-famous Petronas Twin Towers have been airbrushed away but the person totally forgot about its reflection on the lake! Aduhhh….

But why would anyone want to erase the building that has put us on the map? Well, to answer that question, our fellow netizens came up with a few possibilities.

“It’s so obvious that they were triggered by Tun Mahathir. Everyone knows BN has so much beef with Tun M, and removing the twin towers is like trying to erase his legacy!” a netizen said.

“BN purposely made KLCC disappear so that it would catch our attention and drive traffic to their website to read the manifesto. This is indeed a smart and cunning move by BN,” another netizen said. 

Responding to this issue, a local NGO, Lawyers for Liberty also slammed BN for being childish and petty on Twitter.

Source: Twitter

Whatever it is, it’s not cool nor patriotic to simply airbrush away a building that has such a significant meaning to our country. If you have your own ‘theory’ regarding the mysterious disappearance of KLCC in the poster, feel free to share with us what you think in the comment section! 


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