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This Asian Boy Right Here Is The Definition of ‘SOHAI’



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Listen to this post:

We all do crazy things once in awhile. But this Koaren guy’s definition of crazy is in a whole new level.

So this guy decided to put two fireworks to his nipples, one on each side, and the result was a mixture of hilarious, face palm and confusion. But seriously, why would he do something like that?

This all started when he posted a few images of himself on Facebook, one of them where he proudly shows off his nipples. His post mentioned that if any of the images got over 100,000 likes, he will create and film a stupid challenge in return. Lo and behold, he got over 100,000 likes and then kept his promise by burning his nipples with some fireworks. To add to that, he used a bottle so the firework sparks will be directed at his nipples.

How it turned out? Well, watch it for yourself.


Rocket WOBLike us on Facebook for great stories daily!