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This 23yo M’sian is So Talented That He Got Invited to Make A Video with WILL SMITH!



Malaysian Guy's Video Creating Skills So Rad, Will Smith And Zach King Acknowledged Him - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Instagram
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If you’ve seen Zachking‘s videos before, then you should definitely visit Mohamad Sofyan a.k.a Sofyank96’s Instagram as well. Ever since he collaborated with Zach King in a few videos, big things have started to happen for homeboy.

Now he is all over the news for his collaboration with none other than Hollywood superstar Will Smith in a video, and it is all thanks to his hard work and passion towards his career as a content creator. #welldone #soproud #shakemyhandplease

Not only did he manage to meet the legendary Fresh Prince IN PERSON, but he also able to shoot several of his trademark videos with Will. Some are even quite magical.

Just look at this:

As he explained in one of his Youtube videos, Sofyan received an offer from UIP Malaysia and Paramount to fly to Budapest and create Magic content with Will Smith. Sofyan even shared behind the scenes videos of himself explaining the flow of video with Will Smith. And it is cute AF!

Sofyan first rose to fame with videos similar to those of Zach King, who is definitely one of his biggest influences. They feature editing ‘magic’, using cuts and special effects to turn what seem like everyday videos into mind-bending experiences that challenge content creators to make the most of the tools available to them.

Sofyank 4 years’ worth of hard work creating videos that break boundaries and show the depth of just how talented he is paid off as Zach King texted him personally to meet up. They met in Indonesia for one of Zach King’s tours and finally created a collaborative video together.

Even in this video, we can see how much appreciation Zach has for Sofyank as his ‘superfan’, as Sofyan has created 200 ‘magic’ videos to date.


Wow! What a journey you’ve had there, Sofyan, and thank you for taking our country a step higher in the eyes of the world. Keep on creating those awesome videos, because we can’t stop watching!


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Malaysian Guy's Editing Skills So Rad, Will Smith And Zach King Acknowledged Him - WORLD OF BUZZ

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