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These Guys Got Tired of Picking Their Friend Up So They Bought Him a Car



[Watch] Group of Guys Buy Friend a Car As They Are Tired of Picking Him Up - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter
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Listen to this post:

We all have that one friend who (despite having a driver’s licence) doesn’t have a car, and is always relying on others to pick them up or send them home. As a friend, you might not have a choice but agree to their requests, but let’s face it: doing it on a frequent basis can be quite exhausting at times. Especially if they live very far away! 

Well, a bunch of friends has been feeling the same way as they have frequently been asked to pick up a friend who probably had no car of his own.

Since they were getting tired of picking him up all the time, they came up with a brilliant idea and decided to purchase a car for him. Wah, I also want friends like that!

Source: Twitter

Twitter user @Asanda_Goduka posted a video of them surprising him with his new car at a car showroom, and this clip has been circulating online as he can be seen reacting ecstatically to the heart-warming gesture made by his friends.

We’re not sure where this heart-warming event took place but it does not look like in Malaysia.  

Source: Twitter

One of them can be heard saying, “That’s your car man”, to which he responded, “What do you mean that’s my car?”

The friend answered, “You’re gonna drive”, while another said, “I’m tired of picking you up. Everyone’s tired of picking you up, actually, so drive bruh.”

The guy was at a loss for words as one of his friends told him that he had to buy them breakfast for the next two weeks. Sounds like a very, very fair trade.

Source: Twitter

Watch them reveal the surprise here:

This man has such good friends! They must be so tired of picking him up that they are willing to buy him his very own car. Would you ever buy a car for your friend? Let us know in the comments below.


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