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These 2 Huskies Played With a Dragon Fruit & the Aftermath Honestly Looks Like a Crime Scene



Hilarious Photos of 2 Huskies' Aftermath of Playing With a Dragon Fruit - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook
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As much as we love our pets, they can sometimes be a nuisance in our households when they get into a playful mood. Even if we have trained them to obey orders, they might decide that one day, they just want to mess up the kitchen a little.

A Facebook user recently posted a few photos of two dogs – presumably his – in a kitchen that looks like a gory incident just took place. But look closely and you can see that it isn’t blood spread all over the floor. In fact, it’s not even red, but purple!

In one of the photos, a young white husky is seen lying on the floor, covered with pinkish-purple stains all over its body while surrounded with more purple stains smeared all over the floor.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Another photo shows this same dog and an older brown-and-white-coated Siberian husky standing in the corner of the kitchen, looking a little guilty as the purple floor stares back at them. But what could be the cause of this mess?

Source: Facebook

Well, it seems like the two dogs found a dragon fruit!

The dragon fruit is known for its vibrant pink/purple flesh which temporarily stains anything it comes into contact with. The dogs must’ve thought the fruit was a toy and played with it until the flesh inside came out and smeared all over the ground.

Source: Facebook

Another photo shows the two doggies standing side by side with pink-stained coats of fur, probably after their bath. The colour from the dragon fruit must’ve been so strong that their furs remained pink even after they were cleaned.

Source: Facebook

Although it must’ve been a nightmare for the owner to clean the kitchen up, I must say the whole scene is rather cute and funny. Netizens seem to think so too. The post has now garnered 6,100 shares and 2,000 likes.

Would you laugh or cry if you found this mess made by your pet in the kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!


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