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There’s Now a Limited Edition Curry Puff-Flavoured Mamee Monster Snack in M’sia!



Did You Know There's a Curry Puff Flavoured Mamee Monster Snack? - WORLD OF BUZZ 5
Source: Mamee Monster and Instagram
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There are many things which are uniquely Malaysian thanks to our special multiracial nation. Over the years, in the development of our country, we’ve cultivated a very unique culture.

Of course, our culture also involves food where we’ve come up with some of the best dishes ever. #NasiLemakFTW

One very common kuih which almost every Malaysian enjoys would be the fragrant curry puff. We’ve had various versions of it, some with chicken curry, potato curry, and even sardine sambal as fillings. Even combined with hard-boiled eggs sometimes! 

Regardless of which filling you fancy, pairing curry puff with a hot glass of teh tarik for tea is the best combo.

Now, branded snacks such as the Mamee Monster snack are trying to cater to Malaysians’ taste buds as they incorporate local flavours into their food.

We’re familiar with their regular flavours like original, BBQ and spicy, but what you guys probably didn’t know is that they have a limited edition karipap flavour!

This exclusive flavour is definitely not easily found as the WOB team couldn’t find them (yet) at major supermarkets. However, you can totally purchase them online on Lazada.

Did You Know There's a Curry Puff Flavoured Mamee Monster Snack? - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Source: Instagram

One jumbo pack containing 10 individual packets costs RM13.90 online.

Apparently, this product has been promoted since earlier this year but not many people actually knew about it.

Nevertheless, there are quite a number of Malaysians who have tried it. One netizen gave a review and said,

“I just bought this earlier and tried 1 pack. In terms of taste, I give 2 out of 5 (stars), but the smell is definitely fragrant. I just find the flavour to be more mild as compared to other flavours.”

Meanwhile, another netizen was disappointed to find too few packets of flavouring in her jumbo pack of 10 Mamee Monster packets.

“My whole family loves Mamee Monster. However, the problem is there were only 5 seasoning packets in the jumbo package. It doesn’t taste good without the seasoning.”

Well, hopefully you guys won’t find it as disappointing. Do let us know what you think in the comment section if you manage to get a hold of these novel snacks!


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