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There’s Now an App in S’pore Where You Can Rent a Date Starting from RM183 for 2 Hours



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You’ve probably seen adverts on social media during festive seasons, especially Chinese New Year, where people offer themselves as rent-a-boyfriends or girlfriends to bring along during reunions to get that nosy aunty off your back.

In countries like China and Korea, you can even rent ‘boyfriends’ and ‘oppas’ to carry your shopping bags while you browse, and to show you around if you’re a tourist.

Source: The Star


That trend has now further escalated with Maybe!, a Singapore based ‘Grab-a-Date’ platform where people can sign up to charge to go on dates, while others who need a date can rent one.

The site boasts a strict social purpose-only condition for users, which means only friendly meetups, dates, or any social occasion like catching that movie that no one wants to watch with you or your awkward high school reunion are allowed.

Source: Maybe

But fret not, though some may be disappointed by this – there’s also a strict no touching rule so the most you’ll get out of this is companionship, emotional support and a friendly handshake.

There are options for both guys and girls, and dates (so far) start from RM183 and can go up to RM1,219 for two hour sessions. All costs during the date will also be borne by the person who hires the date while additional charges apply for dates that go beyond 11pm. 

Part time jobs have seriously come a long way. 


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