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There’s ANOTHER Taiwanese Bubble Tea Brand, Raion, That Will Be Roaring Its Way Into Malaysia!



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The Malaysian zoo is expanding to add another animal to its roster.

Oh, no. I’m not talking about our national zoo. I’m talking about the zoo that is the Malaysian bubble tea market. The deers, bears, tigers and even the mythical dragon is getting another new friend to compete with the bubble tea industry.

Source: Facebook

Raion, a Taiwanese bubble tea shop is bringing their signature Lion themed brand to Malaysia. Considering the recent hype coming off of the release of The Lion King, Raion’s icon, the Lion aims to claim its crown as the king of the Malaysian bubble tea jungle.

They are said to be featuring seven series of drinks ranging from creamy, milky to fruity, which includes their signature drink that would be the Raion Brown Sugar Milk Oreo. This drink is made of brown sugar milk mixed with boba pearls and topped with crushed Oreo cookies.

Source: Facebook

The franchise has yet to reveal its upcoming location in Malaysia, but it’s believed that Raion will make its grand debut in September.

What do you think? Since there are already so many bubble tea brands in the market, would you try this one too?

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