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The Seremban Dog Pound Is In Such Bad Condition That Dogs Are Allegedly Eating Each Other



The Seremban Dog Pound Is In Such A Bad Condition That Dogs Are Allegedly Eating Each Other - WORLD OF BUZZ 6
Source: Sin Chew Daily
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Most of us feed stray dogs or cats with our leftovers and when we don’t see the usual pack, we start to wonder where they are. They might have been adopted by people, or the worst-case scenario, they were caught by the pound.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the dogs caught by the Seremban dog pound are living in extremely poor conditions!

THE INFAMOUS SEREMBAN POUND! MPS DOES NOT BELIEVE IN LISTENING TO THE PUBLIC OR NGO! THEY CAUGHT ANOTHER 9 TODAY AND SENT THEM TO THE ALREADY OVERCROWDED POUND!!!Our very active and helpful committee member, ( AJK) Surevin Nair who is a true dog-lover posted about our problems on behalf of Furrykids yesterday. He has been with the NGO for a long time and does a lot of work helping the furries after work late nights and during weekends. But MPS is not changing its dog-catching operations. About 2 weeks ago, our Acting-President Liza Sharif sent a letter to YdP cc to YB Teo and En. Saiful. But no reply. In fact the catching of strays became more aggressive! More were caught and sent! These are puppies our NGO removed away from adult dogs and placed along a narrow corrider to ensure they are not trampled upon and get food to eat. It is the law of the jungle – Survival of the fittest'. Liza is now taking 20 puppies all the way to Tampin to board at Elite Tampin vet clinic as there is no place in our shelter. They will die of starvation, illness or being bitten and trampled on if we do not remove them.#mpseremban #majlisperbandaranseremban

Posted by NS Second Life For Strays Project on Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Dogs living in bad condition

Not only is the place dirty, but the dogs also lack water and food, and that’s why they appear to be skinny and malnourished. It is believed that because the area of the pound is too small and there are just too many strays, the dogs constantly bite each other and there were even reports of dogs eating each other.

Someone who went to the dog pound said this:

The Seremban Dog Pound Is In Such A Bad Condition That Dogs Are Eating Each Other - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

Sin Chew reporters then asked the commenter for more details.  It seems that the strays outside the commenter’s house were caught, and he went to take them back from the pound. When he arrived, he saw that there were 4 dead puppies inside and some dogs were feeding off of those carcasses. He said,

“There were too many dogs inside. I wanted to take a picture of it but I was blocked. Me and my friend could not process this horrifying situation.”

They also said that if someone wants to adopt a dog from the dog pound, they need to pay RM250 for one dog.  They really wanted to rescue all the dogs inside, but they didn’t know how to do so.

The Seremban Dog Pound Is In Such A Bad Condition That Dogs Are Allegedly Eating Each Other - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Source: Facebook

Interview with dog catchers and volunteers

To further investigate, the reporter went to the pound itself and managed to interview 3 of the dog catchers and 2 volunteers.

The Seremban Dog Pound Is In Such A Bad Condition That Dogs Are Eating Each Other - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Facebook

When they arrived at the pound, they saw that the layout of the place is not really that good. There were 3 sections in the pound and only 1 was completely covered. The other 2 sections were partially covered, and that means the dogs have to withstand extreme weather conditions.

When asked about it, the dog catchers said that the city council does not have a budget allocated to feeding the strays and their job is to only catch the dogs. Sometimes, they will get some leftovers to feed the dogs but that is obviously not enough. The volunteers said that there have been kind people from various organisations who would come and feed the dogs every night but what they bring is always not enough for the 90+ strays there.

Even though the dog catchers say that they clean the place, they were merely spraying the whole place with water without the use of soap or bleach. When places are not sanitary, it is very easy for the dogs to be infected with diseases, especially when they have open wounds.

Volunteers have been informed that if nobody comes to claim the strays for RM250, then the pet shelters can take them for free. The volunteers are now planning to take all of the dogs away from the pound this weekend.

If you would like to know how to help, please contact this page.

That is definitely not a very conducive condition for any creature to be in, and it will be hard to find adopters when all the dogs are in such terrible state. We hope that the dogs will be rescued soon, and they will be able to live in better conditions!


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