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The BIG Group is Giving M’sian Voters FREE Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik on 9 May



BIG Group is Giving Away Free Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik to Voters On Polling Day - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: MMO & Hungry Go Where
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Voting is an important right every Malaysian should never take for granted. Many of us are certainly more than ready to go out to our respective polling stations and cast our ballots.

At first, most Malaysians were concerned as to how polling day would affect their leave, since it’s going to be on a working day. However, with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) declaring polling day a nationwide public holiday, that leaves most of us with no excuse not to go out and vote.

Now, it looks like you can even get a reward for exercising your civil right!

Local restaurant and supermarket franchise, The BIG Group, which encompasses popular restaurants like Plan B and Ben’s, has decided to treat voting Malaysians with Nasi Lemak and Teh Tarik on the house. 

According to their announcement which was posted on their official Instagram, Malaysians who have already cast their vote on polling day (Wednesday, 9th May 2018) can head over to either Plan B, Ben’s General Food Store, or Ben’s to get free nasi lemak and teh tarik for brunch. Nice!

Understandably, you’ll have to cast your vote first before going to collect your nasi lemak, as they will most likely check if your finger has been marked with indelible ink.

So, be sure to go out and vote! Also make sure to double check your polling district before heading out on polling day!


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