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Thailand Introduces Smoking Ban on 20 Beaches and RM12,000 Fine if Law is Broken



Smoking on One of These 20 Beaches in Thailand Will Land You in a RM12,000 Fine - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Daily Telegraph
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Lighting up a ciggie while relaxing by the beach is the perfect way to unwind for any nicotine lover. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to do it in Thailand anymore, at least not in certain beaches.

Just recently, Thailand announced that a smoking ban will be implemented in 20 popular tourist beaches after thousands of cigarette butts were found buried in the sand.

Source: The Guardian

Here’s the list of 20 beaches in Thailand where smoking will be prohibited:

  1. Mae Phim beach
  2. Laem Sing beach
  3. Bang Saen beach
  4. Pattaya beach
  5. Jomtien beach
  6. Khiri Khan beach
  7. Khao Takiab beach
  8. Bo Phut beach
  9. Sai Ree beach
  10. Patong beach
  11. Koh Khai Nok beach
  12. Koh Khai Nai beach
  13. Samila beach
  14. Phra Ae beach
  15. Klong Dao beach
  16. Klong Kwang beach
  17. Hua Hin beach
  18. Cha-Am beach
  19. Tham Pang beach
  20. Sai Ri beach

This ban was proposed after a staggering 101,058 cigarette butts were found on the 2.5km-long stretch of sand. That works out to about 0.76 cigarette butts per square metre in the sample area! Omg.

Source: The Guardian

Director general of Thailand’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources said, “Cigarette butts accounted for 30 per cent of the waste found.”

“The butts clog the drains thus contributing to floods. When the cigarettes stay under the beach sand for a long time, it also negatively affects the ecosystem.”

“When the chemicals from the cigarette butts reach the water, it also releases cadmium, lead, arsenic and some acid from insecticide, which are poison to the natural food chain.”

Of course when the urge kicks in, you can still enjoy your ciggie, but only at designated areas that are located away from the beach.

Source: Shutterstock

Be warned guys, flouting the new regulation will land yourself a fine of up to 100,000 baht (approx. RM12,700), and jail time of up to one year.

This ban will be effective starting November 2017 and the trial run is expected to be implemented at all beaches across Thailand in the near future.

So guys, spread the word and remind your smoking buddies to take heed of this new rule!


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