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Teacher Who Confiscated Students’ Love Letter Finally Returns It on Their Wedding Day



Source: Rakuten Today / Youtube
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This long-overdue love letter just added a whole new different meaning to the couple’s wedding ceremony.

Just recently (April 2019), a teacher attended his students’ wedding dinner and he brought a gift that was way more valuable than all the ang paus the newlyweds received that evening. He brought a love letter that he had confiscated from the groom several years ago in secondary school and returned it to him in front of everyone, according to China Press.

Source: Youtube

Here’s what the teacher said to the couple on stage.

“I confiscated your love letter when you were still in secondary school. I actually wanted to return it to you after graduation. Unfortunately, I may have been a little late in ‘delivering’ the letter.”

Apparently, the teacher has been safeguarding the letter all these years and been meaning to find a chance to return it to the couple. Finally, he got the chance when he was invited to attend their wedding. What’s more heartwarming was that the lovebirds’ relationship has survived the test of time as not many high school lovers can make it to marriage, if we’re honest. Ahhh, those were the days…

The heartfelt teacher’s speech also went viral online and netizens were touched by the heartwarming scene.

“Although this teacher has no blood ties with the students, he still wishes to see them together and be successful in the future. What a noble teacher,” a netizen said.

Regrettably, the juicy content of the love letter wasn’t disclosed. Why so kepoh lah?! 

Anyway, our heartiest congratulations to the newlywed couple and we hope they live happily ever after. What’s your fondest memory of falling in love during secondary school? Share with us in the comments! 


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