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Taiwanese Parents With 3 Kids Travel 23 Countries in 9 Months, First Stop: Malaysia!



Taiwanese Parents With 3 Kids Travel 23 Countries in 9 Months, First Stop Being Malaysia! - World Of Buzz
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Now this is the real definition of YOLO!

Last year, a Taiwanese couple along with their three children embarked on an epic journey across the world. In order to fulfil their dreams, the couple quit their jobs in September 2016 and sold their house in Taiwan to fund this journey. They then moved back to their parents’ place.

Source: Facebook

According to Sinchew, the 30-year-old husband and 29-year-old wife first met five years ago when they were both travelling together as backpackers. They fell in love with each other and tied the knot soon after. They were then blessed with three children who are now five, three and one year old respectively.

In the span of nine months, the family spent RM183,000 to visit 23 countries across the world. In fact, Malaysia was the first country they visited!

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I see the kid on the right has picked up on our iconic Malaysian hand gesture.

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Good job, son!

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The wife also revealed that throughout the journey, they only bought cheap airline tickets in order to save as much money as possible. Since the youngest child was only one, he got on the plane free of charge! #Protip

Besides, they would crash at their relatives’ place whenever they get a chance, in order to save on accommodation.

When asked about the most dangerous experience during their journey, the wife said when they tried to cross into Israel from Egypt, the soldiers at the borders stopped them with guns pointing at them. She even saw a sniper aiming at her family. The threat IS REAL guys. Geddit geddit? 

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Source: Facebook

Other unforgettable experiences include being detained by U.S. customs, and being conned by a taxi driver in Vietnam. Yikes!

Although they couldn’t visit too many places in a day as their kids got tired easily, the mother said it was all worth it.

“I hope that through this journey, my kids will get to learn in a fun way that there are famine, war, pain and suffering in this world,” the mother said.

The Lai family kick-started their journey on 10 September 2016 and returned to Taiwan on 24 May 2017, after 256 days. To share their incredible journey with the rest of the world, a Facebook page called Sunny Backpacker was created and it contains all their precious pictures and anecdotes.

So guys, if you want to learn more about their wonderful journey, be sure to check out their FB page! 

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