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S’wak Owner Cruelly Neglects Puppy After A Metal Rod Pierces Through Its Throat & Mouth



Sabah Owner Cruelly Neglects Puppy After A Metal Rod Pierces Through Its Throat & Mouth - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
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Having pet animals means taking good care of them, as we all know by now. Taking a four-legged creature into our homes requires us to treat it as though it were truly a part of our own family. For many people, that needs no reminder.

But yet, cases of animal abuse only continue to rise as the months pass, and more and more cases seem to crop up on social media, just like this one recently posted by the Facebook page Zero Strays Miri.

Source: Facebook

Operating as a non-profit organisation that seeks to provide aid to abused and/or abandoned animals, the page shared an incident where they had responded to a tip-off in Senadin, Sarawak. Responding to the call, what they found is nothing short of horrific.

A 6-month-old dog who had been trying to push itself out of its incredibly small 3 foot x 2 foot cage hurt itself on a metal rod that had been sticking out from the side of the cage’s enclosure. The extent of the injury was so severe, the rod wound up piercing through the dog’s throat and into its mouth!

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

This is on top of the fact that there was no food or water to be found anywhere near for the poor dog, not to mention the stench. As you can imagine, the pain of being injured so severely caused the dog to wail in agony. Unable to release the dog from the rod themselves, they wound up calling the fire department, who had to use cutters to remove the iron rod from the dog’s mouth.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

After the dog was freed, they rushed it immediately to the nearest vet where an emergency surgery was performed late in the night to properly remove the bits of metal embedded in the dog’s throat and mouth. However, the non-profit group now needs to raise money to pay for the cost of surgery, as his owner claims to have no money to pay for it.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Upon further investigation, it has been found that the negligent owner also has another female dog at home, which isn’t spayed or neutered. As a result, she has given birth to over 9 puppies, all of which were almost skin and bones due to a lack of nourishment.

As you can imagine, the cost of treating these poor animals isn’t cheap and the NGO group has reached out for help from netizens. Apparently it will take up to RM3,600 to help all 12 dogs, and that’s not including the cost of medical care for the surgery! They’re still short on RM1,200 so if you’d like to chip in, you may do so at the following account:

Persatuan Penyayang Binatang Terbiar Miri
Bank: Public bank
Acc No: 3179940127

We hope that these poor neglected creatures get the care they need, and that the injured pup will have a speedy recovery! 


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