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Suspect Taking Mug Shot Hilariously Reveals How He Got HIDEOUS Tattoo



Chinese Suspect Taking Mug Shot Hilariously Reveals How He Gets 'Scratch-And-Win' Tattoo - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Twoeggz
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Animals, flowers, tribal patterns and wordings are the most common tattoos that we can see on a person. But what about a slab of ink behind the back with no lines nor patterns?

Like this one.

Source: Twoeggz

The picture above actually went super viral on social media in China just days ago.

According to Twoeggz, a wanted suspect was successfully apprehended by the police in Chengdu, China, and brought back to the police station.

The suspect was then asked to remove his shirt before taking the mug shot. But the police officer noticed a rather unique tattoo on the suspect’s back. Having worked in this line for so long, the police officer thought he had seen it all, until this man came along.

Unable to hold onto his curiosity, the policeman asked about the story behind the ink. Here’s what the suspect said:

“My tattoo artist was a noob, he made a mistake on a word, so he covered up the whole area with ink, together with the correct words.”

The policeman burst into laughter and replied, “This look exactly like the ‘scratch-and-win scam’! I really want to scratch your tattoo”.

Soon enough, the photo was leaked on social media and was shared over 5,000 times. Some chose to poke fun at the staggering similarity between the tattoo and the scratch-and-win ticket

“If he got busted for promoting scratch-and-win scam, there’s no way he can get rid of the evidence,” a cheeky netizen said.

But some netizens were more irritated by just how unprofessional the tattoo artist was.

“You’ve already f**ked up his tattoo, the least you can do is to make sure all the edges were even. Do you know how annoying is that for those of us who have OCD to look at?” another netizen commented. 

Since many people were dying to scratch it, a netizen Photoshopped the tattoo to make it look like people have actually scratched it.

Source: Twoeggz

Source: Twoeggz

Source: Twoeggz

Source: Twoeggz

Wordings like ‘You’ve won five cents’, ‘You’ve won a pair of gloves’, and ‘One more bottle for you’ were Photoshopped onto the tattoo, just like the wordings we’d see on the scratch-and-win ticket. You guys are so mean!

So guys, if you’re planning to get a tattoo, just spend a lil bit more to get a reputable tattoo artist lah! This ain’t no joke man! 


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