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Stunning Girl Covers of Superheroes and Villains by Stanley



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He may be no Stan Lee, but he is a Stanley alright. World renown digital artist, Stanley Lau covered a few leading Super Ladies for a fictional publication, Justice Magazine. He lived up to his reputation with his illustrations that proved aesthetically pleasing and showed visual fluidity that would captivate any viewer.

He has fans all over the world, (and are increasing too) which sends him requests and some even deliberately sign up for a Deviant Art account just to keep updates on his work.

After checking his artwork out, it wouldn’t be a surprise for you to do just the same.

10914921_977428422281185_6039847909211993151_o   10982248_977427928947901_2536657942689699837_o

1052771_977427972281230_2892805152417238640_o   11037909_977427842281243_812876544152067576_o

11063807_977427858947908_7489350626748463414_o   11080491_977427935614567_2076048986552431463_o


11080751_977427812281246_5847835713779841444_o   batgirl


black canary   cheetara


Mr Lau’s art inspires new generation of artists, especially with his work being based off DC Comics, Capcom, Square Enix, and mangas.

Check out more of Stanley Lau’s mesmerising artwork on Deviant Art here.


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