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Subang Woman Kept as Sex Slave for 2 Years by ‘Ustaz’ Who Used Black Magic on Her



Woman From Subang Free From Ustaz Who Used Black Magic on Her - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Men who force themselves on women and manipulate them into having sex with them are absolutely revolting. But what’s even astonishing and horrifying is hearing tales about men casting magic spells on women so that they have no control over their inhibitions and are commanded to submit to their requests.

This is exactly what happened to a 22-year-old woman from Subang, Kuala Lumpur, after she sought help from an ustaz (religious teacher) regarding her health problems. Using black magic, he held her captive as his sex slave in his house for two years, reported Harian Metro. Two years is really long!

Source: Daily Sun

“I was introduced to him by a family member as I had health problems two years ago,” the victim said.

“The day after that, I started feeling that something was wrong when I kept thinking of him and wanted to live with him really badly.”

She went to his house so he could “treat” her unknown disease, and ended up having sex with the 48-year-old as she wanted to be his wife “badly”. It was during this moment that the religious teacher administered black magic on her using a red oil, and thus, she became his sex slave. 

Under the control of his spell, the victim sent more than 100 videos of herself naked whenever he requested for them. She also claimed that this ustaz-cum-bomoh (shaman) has many follower disciples whom she described as “obsessive”.

Thankfully, the spell seemed to be broken when the ustaz asked for a threesome with his wife. She filed a report against him together with his wife at the Subang-area police station on Monday (22 April). Police are investigating, and have referred the case to their Commercial Crimes department, as nude videos are involved.

During this time, she asked for forgiveness from his wife and asked for her assistance in stopping him and his oppressive reign over people using black magic.


Source: Harian Metro

He has also been reported to officials from the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) for his deviant teachings.

What a horrible thing to happen! Always be careful with people who deal with black magic. You never know what kind of spell they could cast on you.


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