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This Street Food Vendor Earns at Least RM63,000 a Month Selling Fried Pancakes



This Street Food Vendor Earns At Least RM63,000 Per Month From Selling 'Jianbing' - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Every country has its own iconic breakfast. Malaysia has roti canai and nasi lemak, while China has its most famous jianbing, which means fried pancake.

In case you haven’t heard of it, this all-time popular street food breakfast is a crisp-fried crêpe made of eggs and wheat flour. Cilantro, pork, scallions and pickles are sandwiched inside the crêpe before condiments such as sweet and sour chilli sauce are added to spice things up.

The end result is a hot, crispy and savoury crêpe that’ll satisfy your hunger and set you for the day.

For the longest time, this street food has been filling up the tummies of hardworking workers in China in the morning. However, a recent commotion between a jianbing vendor and a customer has gotten netizens thinking – how much do these vendors make per month?

Here’s what the vendor told the customer in an argument over an egg, as reported by Next Shark.

“I get to earn over 30,000 yuan (approx. RM19,000) a month. There’s no way I’d use one less egg for your jianbing!”

Obviously, the key phrase here is ‘30,000 yuan a month’. 

If the vendor’s claim turned out to be true, this can only mean that the street food vendor is earning 360,000 yuan (approx. RM229,000) annually! That’s hella lot more than a white-collar worker!

This claim started making rounds on social media and netizens who are making less than that were triggered. Jealous ah?

Another jianbing vendor named Jia Xiuying was interviewed by the reporter to authenticate the earlier claim. It turns out that she’s making even more than that!

Source: Next Shark

Her jianbing is priced between 8 yuan and 21 yuan (approx. RM5 and RM13) a piece. She admitted that her monthly income is AT LEAST 100,000 yuan (approx. RM63,600).

We did the math for you, it’s 1,200,000 yuan (approx. RM763,400) a year! 

Of course things weren’t always rainbows and sunshine for Jia when she first started the business.

“I started my jianbing career in 2001. Back then, my economic condition was very poor and I could only afford to invest in jianbing. This business requires little investment and the cost is low,” Jia said. 

Eventually, her business took off and she now rakes in the mind-blowing amount as mentioned above with three jianbing stands.

Source: Next Shark

She was even able to send her daughter to college, graduate school and overseas trips. Jia has also bought a car and house with her income.

After this ‘inspirational’ news started circulating on social media, many netizens suddenly wanted to jump into the F&B business, selling jianbing. We wonder why…

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the ingredients guys, because the tricky part is to evenly distribute the batter and fold it perfectly without butchering the whole thing.

Here’s a video of how jianbing is made, in case any of you are thinking about changing your career. 🙂


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