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Sri Lankan PM: There Were Early Warnings About Terrorist Attack But No Action Was Taken



Sri Lanka Prime Minister Said There Was Early Warnings About Multiple Explosions in Churches & Hotels - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The National / Malaysiakini
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Over the weekend, the entire world was devastated after we learnt about the bombings at churches and high-end hotels in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

While we’re still in shock over the coordinated explosions in Colombo, a recent update by Sri Lanka’s prime minister revealed that prior to the incident, there were warnings about multiple bombings of churches and hotels in the country. However, no action was taken.

Ranil Wickremesinghe, prime minister of Sri Lanka, said that an investigation will be carried out over the reason for not taking action upon receiving the warnings. Good call! 

According to Malaysia Kini, he also requested other countries with information about possible overseas links of the criminals to share the information with them. Wickremesinghe further shared that the perpetrators were Sri Lankans and eight of suspects were remanded as they were said to have a connection with the terror attacks.

Ranil Wickremesinghe | Source: Malaysiakini

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan authorities found “an improvised explosive” near their international airport, Bandaranayake Airport, Colombo. However, the bomb which was discovered during a routine patrol has been deactivated immediately. Thank goodness!

Gihan Seneviratne, an Air Force spokesperson, was quoted as saying,

“A 2-metre PVC pipe containing explosives was discovered.”

If you didn’t know, a total of eight explosions took place on the same day – six explosions happened in the morning and the rest of them exploded later in the day. Following that, special police task forces were sent to Bandaranayake Airport to stop possible attack there. Thankfully, they quickly found the bomb which was planted at the airport. 

Hopefully, the Sri Lankan authorities will find a solution to this matter as soon as possible and take the necessary measures to ensure that a terrorist attack like this doesn’t happen again.


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