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S’poreans Are Calling Yakult Straws “Vintage” & Selling Them Online for Up to RM3,000



S'poreans Are Selling Yakult Straws as Vintage Collectibles on Carousell For Up to RM3,000 - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Wiki Media / Carousell
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In efforts to be environmentally-friendly, Yakult Singapore has recently stopped providing straws with their products – Yakult and Yakult Ace – last month. Following that, several creative people have come up with a way to make a few bucks from this new initiative.

Mothership reported that some innovative people saw the “sentimental value” in these straws and they decided to put them up for sale on online marketplace, Carousell. Very creative! 

Since these straws hold sentimental values, one creative netizen listed the straws under the “Vintage Collectibles” category and put them up for sale at an exorbitant price of SGD199 (approx. RM603) on the site.

Source: Carousell

The post was accompanied with a caption that read,

“The popular everyday probiotic beverage, Yakult, were once packaged with straws. Today, they are nowhere to be found – succumbed to the growing trend of strawlessness.”

“SGD199 sounds silly now, but surely, this is a collectable worth investing in to share stories for generations to come.”

Hmm, are you convinced? 

Source: Carousell

Meanwhile, another person who also listed Yakult’s straw under Vintage Collectibles had set the price for the item at SGD1,000 (approx. RM3,000). The person dubbed the straw as a “rare” item. That’s insanely expensive! 

Source: Mothership

In addition to that, another person tried selling a packet of Yakult straws at SGD500 (approx. RM1,500).

Source: Mothership

Perhaps this netizen was bit more generous and put the infamous straw, labelled as “limited edition” on the site, for sale at SGD100 (approx. RM300).

Source: Carousell

Well, we are pretty sure that these posts are all created just for good fun but, having said that, would you consider actually investing some money on these “vintage” Yakult straws? Let us know in the comments below!


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