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S’porean Lady Warns Netizens of Scam That’ll Make You Pay Other People’s Bills



S'porean Lady Warns Netizens of Scam That'll Trick You into Paying Other People's Bills - World Of Buzz
Source: Facebook
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As a Singaporean, you would have most probably used one of the numerous AXS machines that are placed in many locations nationwide to perform your transactions using your debit or credit card and you know that it is very convenient to use.

Lady Warns Netizens of Potential Scam That is Happening at AXS Machines - World Of Buzz

Source: Bugis Plus

While the transactions performed on this machine are generally secure, a netizen called Kimberly Meagan recently encountered a potential scam that happened when she was using the AXS machine and warned other people through a Facebook post.

Basically, she was waiting in line to pay her bills when the guy who was using the machine kept having his transactions cancelled. The guy was well-dressed and courteous, as he apologised for monopolising the machine. The man also made a call and had a little spat on the phone over money and then he said, “It’s okay, there’s a lady behind me, it won’t time out,” before leaving.

Lady Warns Netizens of Potential Scam That is Happening at AXS Machines - World Of Buzz 1

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The man stood a little way off in the distance and Kimberly proceeded with her transaction. She wrote, “I pressed ‘Home’ and I thought it was refreshed for a new user but when I got to the ‘Make Payment’ page, his transactions of about S$300 (RM945) were still there. I only had one bill so it was pretty obvious. I turned to look at him and he looked away. I cancelled his transactions and only paid mine.”

She said that she admonished him from afar and the man even bowed and mouthed an apology. So, it was not an accident but deliberate! She thought nothing of it and went on her way to get breakfast. On her way back, she passed by the same AXS machine and the same scenario happened except this time, an old lady was waiting behind the same man. 

Lady Warns Netizens of Potential Scam That is Happening at AXS Machines - World Of Buzz 2

Source: E27

“When he walked off and stood at the same spot, I went up to the old lady and said ‘Sorry, I want to check something’. That weasel did the same thing! I helped her cancel his transactions and told her to check properly in the future. I turned around and he was gone. After that, I went to the counter to let them know about this situation but I didn’t see anyone attend to the machine for the next 5 minutes.”

Kimberly reminded everyone to be careful when making their bill payments as it appears that the scammer was hoping that someone would mistakenly pay his bills especially if someone wasn’t too familiar with the machines. She also said she wasn’t able to get a photo of the scammer as she wanted to help the old lady first.

After her post went viral in less than 24 hours, she posted an update:

“I’ve been notified that this has happened all across the city so be attentive at the payment page! Unfortunately, there was no CCTV where I was. Maybe it was planned out that way by this particular person? I’m not sure. Also, like many of you, I’m a little old school. No iBanking for me and I like my receipts so I don’t use any apps. Plus, it always helps to be attentive, you can never be too careful!”

So, remember people! Always check your transactions first before making any payment!


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