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Someone Tried To Make Boba Rice And We Honestly Don’t Know What To Think



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At this point, we’ve seen plenty of boba-related creations – from drinks to pizza, the boba trend is evidently not going anywhere soon, especially with the latest boba brown sugar milk hype.

That said, every boba variation has been received rather well by millennials, but we have to admit that there were several nasty boba creations, like the infamous boba omelette, that we can never get behind. Now, adding on to the list of weird boba inventions is boba rice. Yep, you’ve read it right! 

Pictures of boba rice were shared on a Facebook page named Legit Singapore and tbh, we don’t know what to think about it. We promise boba rice is a legit thing! 😛

It doesn’t look as complicated as it sounds, so here are the step-by-step instructions for you to try out boba rice:

Firstly, you would need some uncooked rice (quantity of rice is as according to your preferences) and a large-sized boba milk tea from your favourite boba milk tea outlet. After that, you will have to rinse the uncooked rice and make sure you completely drain out the water.

The step after this is pretty easy because all you have to do is put the uncooked, rinsed rice into your cooker and pour the boba milk tea into it as a substitute for water.

If you’re worried about the ice, don’t worry because that too can go inside your rice. 🙂

Source: Facebook

Finally, switch the rice cooker on and let it cook like how you’d normally cook rice. Once your rice has finished cooking, the boba rice will be ready to be served.

To give you an idea of how it should look like, here’s the end product:

Source: Facebook

We aren’t sure about the taste of the boba rice as it could taste nice, but one thing’s for sure is that it will definitely be very sweet. Do you agree with us? 

So, are y’all willing to take one for the team and give this “unique” recipe a shot? If you do so, don’t forget to share the end result and your verdict in the comments below!


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