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Snatch Thief Hilariously ‘Escapes’ to Police Station After Committing Crime



Snatch Thief Hilariously Runs Inside a Police Station After Committing Crime - World Of Buzz
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This is what happens when you don’t do enough homework before embarking on a project.

Recently, a snatch theft happened in Guangdong, China where a woman’s phone was snatched by a man, according to Shanghaiist.

Based on the CCTV footage, a woman holding an umbrella was standing by the road side and engaging with her phone. Play with your phone some more…

Seeing her as the perfect target for snatch theft, the thief suddenly grabbed her phone and took off. The woman tried chasing but tripped and fell down in the middle of the road.

Source: Shanghaiist

The thief frantically ran across the road but instead of hopping on a vehicle, he entered a police station.

The thief was stunned and stood still outside the police station while the victim caught up. It seemed that the guy was confused with his surroundings. Eyyy why got so many cars that look like police car geh?

Source: Shanghaiist

Source: Shanghaiist

Source: Shanghaiist

That was when a policeman smoking a cigarette came out to intervene while the woman pointed and complained to the policeman. Opps…

Source: Shanghaiist

The snatch thief was apprehended and brought into the police station with the victim following behind. #Busted!

I guess there won’t be much investigation to do since the culprit himself brought the evidence to the police station.

Source: Shanghaiist

The spokesperson from the authority said:

“After snatching the phone, the suspect panicked and fled the scene but wrongly ran into the police station as he was unfamiliar with the location. He was then caught by one of our policeman.”

After this news went viral on social media, netizens found it rather amusing while some netizens speculated that the man wanted to be caught.

“…when you wanna steal something but you immediately feel guilty.”

“He wanted to be arrested it seemed. Guess he needed free accommodation and meals for the time being.”

Regardless of whether he intended to be caught or not, we’re just glad that he has been put behind bars.

Here’s the video.


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Snatch Thief Hilariously 'Escapes' in a Police Station After Committing Crime - World Of Buzz

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