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“Snake Spirit Boy” Claims His Face Is All ‘Natural’ And Has Never Underwent Surgery



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18-year-old Liu Zi-chen has made quite a name for himself this year, and it isn’t really the good kind.

Dubbed himself as the “Snake Spirit Boy” from a Chinese folklore, Liu who appears in to have a pale complexion, huge doll-like eyes and a really sharp v-shaped chin, claims that his face is au naturale. 

Despite his blatant extreme cosmetic procedure, Liu claimed to be a model in Beijing and his natural looks are attributes of his half-Asian-half-American blood and the repeated use of a special face mask.

As if he wasn’t infamous enough, the teenager went and made himself even more ‘popular’ by posting nude images of himself, declaring them as “works of art” and says that people are only jealous of him.

snake boy

He often upload pictures of himself laying in a pile of cash, while insulting people. One of his posts writes, “You are all so poor. I have 100 thousand in phones, do you?”


One web user managed to dig up Liu’s old passport photo to prove that he had indeed undergone drastic plastic surgery. “If you’re natural, then no one in China is natural!”, one Weibo user remarked.


Liu, however, rebuts their claims, and insists that the passport photo only looks different because it was taken five years ago.

Recently old images of him as a kid has surfaced, further casting doubts over his ‘natural’ looks.



If you think his face isn’t at all appealing, well his inner beauty isn’t at all there either.

Do you think his claims for being natural is real?

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