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Singapore’s Most Expensive Burger Costs RM800 & Has Gold Leaf, Wagyu Beef and Caviar



Restaurant In S'pore Released RM 800 Burger And We Are Intrigued - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Mothership & Mothership
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How much have you spent on burgers? I, personally, have bought an RM20 burger at a roadside stall, which obviously burned a hole in my pocket. Actual footage of me eating burgers:

A burger place recently released Singapore’s “most expensive burger”, which costs RM 800 (S$250)!

Source: Mothership

The promotional photo has more aesthetic than any of my Instagram posts, and it obviously also costs more.

What makes it so expensive, you ask? Well, here’s the list of ingredients:

  • Buns covered in 24-karat gold(That’s ACTUAL GOLD)
  • 200g of Japanese wagyu beef
  • Pan-seared foie gras
  • Banana shallots braised with champagne
  • Butter poached lobster tail
  • Fresh Italian truffle
  • Spicy red cabbage compote
  • Caviar

If you don’t even recognise half of the ingredients on the list, well join the club! That’s probably what makes it that expensive. The burger will be available from Oct. 11st – 21st at Lombardo’s, a newly opened space at Duxton Road. Profits from the “most expensive burger” will be given to The Children’s Charities Association. (#aww)

What’s the most you’ve spent on food ? Tell us in the comments below!


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