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Singapore’s McDonald’s Just Released ‘Nasi Lemak’ Burger And We’re Jealous AF



Singapore's McDonald's Launching 'Nasi Lemak' Burger And We're Jealous AF - World Of Buzz
Source: Business Insider
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Every Malaysian knows our national dish is none other than Nasi Lemak.

So, why the heck is Singapore’s McDonald’s launching a Nasi Lemak-themed menu for THEIR national day?!

The island nation’s national day falls on August 9 and this year will be their 52nd birthday.

In conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival 2017, McDonald’s Singapore will be launching the special limited-time menu on July 13th 2017, Channel News Asia reported.

One of the highlights of this menu is a Nasi Lemak burger! The burger consists of a juicy chicken thigh patty that is coconut-flavoured, a fried egg, caramelised onions, cucumbers, topped with a generous scoop of sambal, sandwiched between two semolina buns.

Singapore's McDonald's Launching 'Nasi Lemak' Burger And We're Jealous AF - World Of Buzz 1

Get in my belly!

If you want to pair a drink with this scrumptious-looking dish, you have the option of either the Bandung McFizz or the Pandan Coco Frappe.

The Bandung McFizz is definitely not a stranger to Malaysians as McDonald’s launched the pink drink for the Ramadan and Syawal months.

The Pandan Coco Frappe on the other hand will be a blend of coconut and pandan flavours, and some grass jelly.

The desserts aren’t too foreign, either. Singapore’s McDonald’s will also be launching a Chendol McFlurry along with a Chendol Melaka cone. The cone comes in three styles, the usual, the twist, as well as a Chococone.

The new McFlurry flavour will be a blend of soft serve vanilla ice cream, gula melaka sauce, and of course Chendol jelly bits.

Watch out because there will be a new hot pie in their menu too – the coconut pie filled with nata de coco bits. Mmm, hot nata de coco…

On top of these amazing desserts, there will even be kueh salat cake and even a pandan sponge cake added for your satisfaction.


To top it all off, Singapore McDonald’s will be adding the criss-cut fries into their menu! Why didn’t Malaysia’s McD think of this?!?!?!

Malaysians were obviously upset upon hearing the news, especially since Nasi Lemak is our national dish.

“Why Singapore have and we don’t?”

“Did McDonald’s launch this burger in the wrong country or what?”

“C’mon lah, McDonald’s. This should be in Malaysia first.”

Meanwhile, Indonesians are claiming everything as usual.

But for real tho, McDonald’s Malaysia please bring this burger here because we truly deserve it. No, this article is not sponsored by McDonald’s but we don’t mind a taste of that Nasi Lemak Burger…can ah? 😛

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