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Singaporean Man with ‘Smoking Hot Bod’ was Requested to Remove Indecent Picture



Grab Customer Service Called Rider to Request for Removal of Indecent Picture - World Of Buzz
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Public indecency is something Asians take very seriously. However, in recent times Asians have become more progressive and open minded.

One particular modernised man from Singapore definitely wasn’t shy about showing off his ‘smoking hot’ body online. He was definitely flaunting what he’s got.

But it seems that not many people appreciated his good looks or sexy body. The man apparently received a phone call from Grab Singapore’s Customer Service asking him to take the picture down!

Source: Facebook

According to Mothership, the customer service personnel said that there were several complaints filed against him for the ‘indecent’ photograph.

The man shared his post on the Grab Hitch Singapore Community page on Facebook and many people were on the fence about his situation.

Some netizens strongly agreed with the customer service personnel as his photo just seemed ‘too much’.

Other netizens who were more open about such things found that there was nothing wrong at all. Many stated that it was just a swimming trunk.

But most of the online community found this scenario amusing and just made jokes out of the issue.

Do you guys think his profile photo is too much and that he should bring it down?

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