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Singaporean Man Reaches Out On Facebook To Find Liver Donor For Dying Father



Source: Facebook
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On the 22nd of May, a man named Leslie Tan Zheng Yu took to Facebook to make an urgent distress call for the sake of his father, Eddie Tan Beng Leong, who is currently suffering from end stage liver disease in Singapore.

The exact condition was not specified but it is understood that he is in critical condition.

Leslie describes how much his father is suffering in his emotional Facebook posting, explaining how he is unable to carry out his basic human needs and activities.

“The liver is not functioning as it should. 10 liters of water is trapped within the body cavity. He cannot eat, cannot drink, cannot sleep, and he is in perpetual distress and pain.”

I am Leslie Tan Zheng Yu, and my father, Eddie Tan Beng Leong, is suffering from end stage liver disease. We are living…

Posted by Appeal For Liver Donation for Eddie Tan Beng Leong on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

He also shared photos to further emphasize on his father’s declining health, showing how his father’s belly is currently abnormally bloated, probably due to the water that is trapped inside.

His condition is progressively worsening and doctors have since given his father only a week left to live.

Leveraging on the power of social media, Leslie hopes to find a suitable liver donor as soon as possible, even creating a Facebook page called Appeal For Liver Donor for Eddie Tan Beng Leong.

Source: Facebook

Leslie further goes to explain that he had originally planned on donating his own liver to his father, but both his and his brother’s blood type are unfortunately incompatible as they both have A+ blood types.

O+ blood types can only receive blood and organs from the same blood type.

Liver donations usually only remove a part and not the entire organ while donors are expected to recover within 2 months as the liver regenerates itself once the procedure is done.

According to Leslie, there are certain criteria the donor must meet:

  • Be 21 to 55 in age
  • Must be medically fit
  • O+ blood type
  • Weigh 70kgs to 95kgs

Anyone interested in helping Leslie and his father can contact them at: +65 9325 3693.

A small piece of you can save an entire person. 


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