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Singaporean Man Asks Female Broker for ‘Good Service’, Gets Totally Misunderstood



Singaporean Man Asks Female Broker for 'Good Service', Gets Totally Misunderstood - World Of Buzz
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A voice broker is someone who does business transactions over the phone. Basically, these people are the middle persons.

Remember Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness?

So, a Singaporean man was interested in this trading business and wanted to hire a broker. He found this very pretty lady who was a broker and a model via a friend of his, Mothership reported.

He messaged her on Instagram and things took a turn for the worst!

What was meant to be a simple message inquiring about her broker services was misunderstood to be something dirty.

Check out the epic conversation here:

Source: Mothership

Of course, we don’t blame the girl because the way he structured his sentences could easily be misunderstood but at least don’t ‘viralkan’ something without making it clear first lah.

Misunderstanding the married man’s preposition, the girl got angry and took screenshots of the conversation and shared it onto Facebook.

She didn’t even bother to censor the man’s display picture which also had his wife in it!

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Source: Mothership

A reader caught wind of this story and decided to share it onto the Hardware Zone Forums where many other members also misunderstood the poor guy.

They too believed that the man was trying to hit on the lady. They bashed the misunderstood dude and even shared how sorry they were for his wife.

Source: Mothership

Some of those ‘detectives’ even went as far as to dig out personal information about the man and his wife and then shared it all over the forum.

Wow, talk about breach of privacy!!!

The situation was getting so out of hand that the married man even had to defend himself (and his marriage). He too logged onto the forum’s site and explained the situation.

He wrote,

Source: Mothership

It was just some simple language used in the business atmosphere, which ultimately caused a misunderstanding. All he wanted by those ‘special’ requests were just insider information.

I mean it’s not something you can outwardly ask la, that’s why he was trying to keep it low-key… Hence, it coming off as dodgy.

Source: Mothership

He also stated that he was in no way trying to be adulterous by going after the broker. In fact, he would have been smarter about the situation if he truly wanted to chase after someone else.

Now, all he really wants is to have the situation die down and let the problem be resolved.

Source: Mothership

Seeing as he has cleared all misunderstandings with the broker, he doesn’t want the slanderous remarks towards him, his wife and his marriage to continue.

He also expressed that he might take legal action against the person who started the thread.

Well, this goes to show that texts can sometimes be taken out of context. Maybe that’s why so many couples break up over texting?

Singaporean Man Asks Female Broker for 'Good Service', Gets Misunderstood and Goes Viral - World Of Buzz

Either way, it is always best to be as clear as possible with what you’re trying to tell people. Otherwise, you might just end up in a viral post over a misunderstanding.

Do you think those messages were extremely misleading or was the lady too perasan?

Either way, make sure you don’t make the same mistakes or it could be you who goes viral!

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