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Singaporean Lady Fed Up With Girls Chasing After Rich And Successful Men Only



Singaporean Woman Is Fed Up With Girls Chasing After Rich And Successful Man Only - World Of Buzz
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These days, you often hear stories about women dumping men because they aren’t rich or successful. You also frequently hear stories about successful men sleeping with many women.

Fed up with all this rubbish, one lady by the name of Aishah Ahmad shared her thoughts on Facebook regarding relationships and what was annoying her.

She started her post by mentioning how some women are materialistic.

“I don’t understand why people choose to scrutinize our qualifications to determine our compatibility and probability of successful marriage.”

Some of the questions that she could not fathom were:

“What if there comes a time when he can’t support you after you both get married? Aren’t you worried if he can’t give you a good life?”

“If I can’t accept him as my husband in both good AND bad times, then his worth should not be questioned but mine. What makes me think I am worthy of being his wife if I cannot support him when he’s down?”

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“You can’t only take the happy because that’s not how life works. If you want to have a good life, then you work your way towards that life, not expect to marry a guy who’s already established and rich.”

“Even if he is rich, that doesn’t mean your stability is assured in the future. You never know when it can be taken away from you. If the man of your dreams are guys like Ejaz Fakhri or Christian Grey, then continue dreaming.”

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Plus, would successful men really want women clinging to them for everything? Surely, they want quality ladies by their sides too.

“Even these successful guys are after independent, strong-willed women like Warda Erina and Anastasia Steele respectively.”

“It’s either you work hard for your future, or you work hard WITH your partner for a future together. Not expect the guy to always support you.”

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