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Singaporean Girl Insults Boyfriend Because She ‘Wants to Make Him a Better Person’



Singaporean Girl Insults Boyfriend Because She 'Wants to Make Him a Better Person' - World Of Buzz
Source: cxdlstismela and WORLD OF BUZZ
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Relationships are really tough because it is the union of two different individuals, which will definitely involve lots of compromise from both parties. There are a lot of factors to take into account such as communication, their individual desires and more.

One couple who probably didn’t think thoroughly about their relationship are James* and Lucy*.

Lucy sent a super long text to James explaining how they were completely incompatible and even had the audacity to tell him to find an Ah Lian to be his next girlfriend.

Mothership reported that James’ friend had posted the long essay on Twitter, which ultimately went viral.

Read how Lucy brutally criticised James’ manliness and intelligence.

Source: cxdlstismela

Next, she even went as far as to degrade James’ use of Singlish. She stated how his English was absolutely horrible and he would not be able to make it far in life.

Eh, please… native use of English is fun and original, okay!

Source: cxdlstismela

Lucy’s next point does make sense as she stated that their relationship isn’t the only thing that he should place an importance on. I kinda agree with her point but she could have made it sound nicer though…

That’s not all, Lucy even went on about how she hates a loving and romantic boyfriend. Wah, like this also can? And she further expressed her hate towards his excessive usage of (heart) emojis.

Source: cxdlstismela

But it seems like Lucy really just wants the best for James. Or does she? She explained that she just wanted James to be a better person but strongly insulted him  simultaneously.

Why this girl like cannot make up her mind whether she wanna hate him or love him properly, sia?

Source: cxdlstismela

And to wrap up her long essay, Lucy told James to just find an Ah Lian who would be better suited for him while she looks for ‘an English-speaking, mature, older guy’. Basically, an ang moh lah, right?

Source: cxdlstismela

Sadly, it seems like James isn’t over Lucy yet even though she was extremely rude to him. He told his dear friend,

“It’s not easy for me to give up on her, you know? I really love her a lot and can’t break up with her over these kind of things.”

From the way I see it, Lucy doesn’t love James as much as he loves her. Perhaps you should find someone better suited for you, James.

Find a woman who sees the good in people rather than a girl who nitpicks at every single flaw.

*Names have been changed to protect their privacy

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