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Singaporean Explains Why Malaysians Should Not Feel Ashamed By Singapore’s Excellence



Singaporean Explains Why Malaysians Should Not Feel Ashamed By Singapore's Excellence - World Of Buzz
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Quora is a platform where you can ask questions and receive answers from any user that wishes to contribute.

So when one person asked,Do Malaysians feel ashamed being in the shadow of Singapore’s excellence?, a Singaporean decided to step up to voice his opinion.

He replies to the question,

“When I see this question, I felt compelled to write. A lot of Malaysians seem to believe that Singaporeans are having it good here, but what they don’t understand is in Singapore, life is extremely stressful.

In Singapore, a normal family requires both the father and mother out working to support the whole family due to the high cost of living. In Malaysia, a working father is usually enough to sustain the whole family. Making money at the price of neglecting your kids?

In Singapore, a house and a car can take a family 30 years of working to pay off. Some Singaporeans can’t even afford to buy a car. In Malaysia, you can finish paying off the house and car within 10 years. Less stress!

Do you know why Singaporeans have one of the fastest walking pace in the world? Because some Singaporeans are so busy making money, they have little time to enjoy their lives. When I visit Malaysia, I find them so chill, no rushing and running from home to office.

Yes, on average Singaporeans have a higher income than Malaysians, but these income after deducting paying for overpriced car and expensive housing and expensive cost of living, is not as good as Malaysians think.

So why are Malaysians ashamed? We are neighbors and friends, not enemies. There is nothing to envy once you realize how stressful a normal Singaporean life can be.”

So, what do you guys think? Do you agree to his views?

In anyway, we, as neighbours should form a hormonious bond instead of being competitive all the time. You guys know it’s true!

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