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Singaporean Couple Helps Elderly Lady Out But Netizen Reveals The Ugly Truth



Singaporean Couple Helps Elderly Lady Out But Netizen Reveals The Ugly Truth - World Of Buzz
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It is a wonderful sight to see citizens helping each other out in times of need, especially when the one being helped is an elderly.

Just recently, one couple from Singapore bought a cake for an elder auntie and a passerby saw the heartwarming moment.

Source: STOMP

The passerby, Pao Seng decided to share the story with STOMP. The incident took place in Lot One Shopping Mall in Choa Chu Kang on March 4, 2017 at around 8.30PM.

He told the media,

“This is the first time I have seen something like that in my life. I decided to post this in Stomp. I hope everyone can help each other hand-in-hand.”

Many netizens were touched by how the couple helped the lady out. They sung out praises to the couple and appointed them out as prime examples of what kindheartedness should be.

However, a netizen stated that this auntie actually goes around demanding food from people often. So much so that the whole neighbourhood are fed up with ‘helping’ her anymore.

The person wrote,

“She is always walking around in Choa Chu Kang (CCK) from morning to night at Lot 1 to Avenue 2 and Sunshine Place (CCK Avenue 3) everyday since 2010.

“She looks for $2 to $3 food, if too expensive she will kao peh kao bu (complain) and will be verbally nasty to the food stall owners.

“(She will) compare 1 shop with another and then walk off. She does this to every stall where she wants to buy food to eat.

“Almost all of the CCK Avenue 2 kopitiam food stalls don’t like her, even the aunties and uncles who drink kopi there are fed up with her.”

Source: STOMP

“It is not that we don’t want to buy food for her. We do buy food for her and yet she will demand more everyday. She always demand more but definitely will not harm you.

“All CCK Avenue 2 people are always helping her but she treated us as if we owe her. People are doing businesses and paying rent, not doing charity for any organisation.

“If every elderly goes to every stall to compare food prices and we give them free food, then the whole kopitiam close down liao.”

It’s pretty shocking to most that the elderly would stoop that low for free food. It only proves to never judge a book by it’s cover.

As for the nice couple who bought food for her, extra brownie points for you!

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