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Singapore McD Releases Curry Sauce Bottle, Spicy Chicken McNuggets & 3 More New Items



Singapore McD Releases Curry Bottle Sauce, Spicy Chicken McNuggets & 3 More New Items - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Eatbook / Instagram / Pic Deer
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Singapore’s McDonald (McD) has come up yet again with another interesting menu that will definitely tantalise your taste buds. According to Mothership, Singapore’s McD will be releasing two returning and three new items to its menu.

The two exciting, returning items are mentioned below:

  • Curry Sauce Bottle

Source: Goody Feed

You can get your hands on a maximum of FOUR Curry Sauce bottles for SGD5.50 (approx. RM16) each, with every purchase of McNuggets a la carte, Extra Value Meal or Happy Sharing Box.

  • Spicy Chicken McNuggets

Source: EatBook

You can get an ala carte version of these crunchy, spicy nuggets in three different quantities – six pieces for SGD4.85 (approx. RM14), nine pieces for SGD6.40 (approx. RM19) or 20 pieces for SGD12.50 (approx. RM38).

Besides nuggets and the Curry Sauce Bottle, McD Singapore is also releasing three other NEW items that will definitely tempt your taste buds. Their new items, including the prices, are as follow:

  • French Onion Shaker Fries – SGD0.70 (approx. RM2) when upsizing your extra value meal
  • Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone – SGD2 (approx. RM6)
  • Kit Kat McFlurry – SGD3.10 (approx. RM9)

French Onion Shaker Fries, Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone & Kit Kat McFlurry | Source: Mothership

Having said that, do keep in mind that the new items are only available while the stocks last, and they are currently only available in Singapore’s McD. Hopefully, they will introduce some of these delicious looking offerings here too! #FingersCrossed

Will you be willing to give these new McD items a shot if you had the chance to try them? Tell us in the comments below! 


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