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Shell’s ‘Gadis Air Mineral’ Disappears And Left A Note Of Apology



Shell's 'Gadis Air Mineral' Disappears And Left A Note Of Apology - World Of Buzz
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Do you guys remember Shell’s Gadis Air Mineral (Mineral Water Lady)?

The one who scared the pants off of Malaysians? Well… She’s gone!

Shell users have reportedly been surprised by the cut-out every time they went to pump petrol since the ad was deployed late this year.

The ad was a cut-out of a lady holding a mineral water bottle next to a poster that reads “Let’s Freshen Up from 100 Bonuslink reward points” and was placed in several stations nationwide.

Although the cut-outs were an innocent advertisement to invite consumers to buy mineral water bottles, many Shell users were shocked by the lady.

“When I was pumping petrol this morning, I felt a presence behind my back. Turned out to be this cardboard cut-out of a lady! Terkejut aku! one user wrote.

But he wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

It gave so many people frights that netizens cited this cut-out to be scarier than ghosts!

Source: MGAG

After scaring patrons, the world renowned petrol company Shell most likely received a high amount of complaints. Hence, the cut-outs of the Gadis Air Mineral were removed.

However, Shell then replaced her with another cut-out poster!

The new poster is white in colour with the shape of the Gadis Air Mineral outlined. Meanwhile, it reads “Sorry if I shocked you…”

After seeing this new poster, netizens shared their disappointment in no longer being able to see her anymore.

“Ala… the Gadis Air Mineral is no longer at Shell. No more lady smiling at me, giving me a fright every night.”

“Gadis Air Mineral is no longer there. I will miss her.”

Oh by the way… the real person behind that cut-out poster actually looks really sweet~

Source: mynewshub

Although she is no longer in our Shell stations, fret not people! It’s not the last time we’ll be seeing the Gadis Air Mineral. She has been spotted travelling around Malaysia recently.

Just… don’t get a fright when you spot her at night.

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