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SECOND Perodua Axia Suddenly Catches Fire, Incident Leaves Malaysians Worried



SECOND Perodua Axia Caught Fire Within Two Days! - World Of Buzz 1
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There seems to be lots of negative news regarding the Perodua Axia lately. Just recently, an Axia suddenly burst into flames in Malacca. The result of it was truly terrifying.

"My Mom's Car Perodua Axia Exploded This Morning..." - World Of Buzz

Now, it seems that ANOTHER Axia was burnt as it caught fire out of nowhere. The story was posted onto Facebook by Yee Hou and it went viral within a few hours.

Apparently, the incident took place in Penang but he did not specify which area particularly.

He wrote,

“How did this happen? Let me explain.

“After this car came out from the Perodua official service center, maybe it cannot tahan the weather of Malaysia so it burnt itself.”

 - World Of Buzz

Source: Yee Hou

“Or maybe it doesn’t feel so syiok kena cucuk here cucuk there when being serviced so it burnt itself.

“Other than that I really cannot think any other valid reason why the car can burn itself. If you do, please kindly provide your professional opinion to my beloved secretary.

“Don’t call us after 12am because we sleep jor. Please note that my secretary (who is also the owner of the car) stays at Raja Uda. If cannot reach the number just call me.

“Please contact us in advance if you want to ‘find us drink teh‘. Butterworth is good enough, don’t waste petrol come to Penang island. Petrol is expensive.”

Quite the joker I’m sure.

 - World Of Buzz

Source: Yee Hou

“We have already passed this ‘miracle’ incident to PDRM to investigate.”

“Building Cars, People Burn First.”

Perodua was quick to respond to Yee Hou’s post. In the comments section, the car company promised to keep in touch with him.

They wrote,

We deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused, and have shared this with the relevant departments at HQ to look into this matter. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

“We will be in touch with you shortly to further assist you, and will launch a full investigation to find out the cause of this.”

Many netizens were shocked at the 2nd Axia burning incident that took place just a day after the first story. Perodua owners, particularly Axia ones, expressed their worry and fears in the comments section.

 - World Of Buzz

Source: Yee Hou

Meanwhile, other netizens were so impressed by Yee Hou’s witty ‘essay’ that they too joined in on the joke.

I know ching beng is near. But this real car leh,” one netizen joked about the Chinese prayers for ancestors where paper money and items like cars are burnt for them.

When the sun is too hot, better don’t drive for safety purposes,another said.

After having a SECOND Axia combust, Perodua is probably going haywire right now trying to investigate this matter. Perhaps this is the start of the Samsung Galaxy Note issue! Maybe they share the same factory?

Hopefully there will be a good explanation regarding this matter and ASAP!

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"My Mom's Car Perodua Axia Exploded This Morning..." - World Of Buzz 1

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