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Sarawakians Allegedly Told “Go Back to Your Hotel to Change Your Clothes” But…



Sarawakians are Told "Go Back to Your Hotel and Change Your Clothes First" at KLCC - World Of Buzz
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Just recently, a netizen known as Abam Supir took it to social media after he learnt about the direspectful treatment received by a few Sarawakians.

He shares how he picked up a few guests from Sarawak, where they then allegedly shared their sad story to him.

Source: ilovekch

“They came here to participate in a cultural dance competition but stopped by at the park to take some pictures as memories,” he wrote.

“However, to their surprise, they were chased away by the management as it appeared that wearing traditional costumes was deemed as a wrongdoing.”

Source: ilovekch

Apparently, tourists who wanted to take pictures with them were also prohibited to do so. The man alleges that the Sarawakians were told: ‘If you want to take pictures, please go back to your hotel and change your clothes first’.

The story was picked up by a local webpage and it went viral as many netizens condemned the management.

However, after the post went viral, the original poster deleted his status shortly after. So it raised many netizen’s eyebrows, calling the story fake.

Either way, traditional costumes are part of our cultural identity, so wear it loud and proud guys!

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