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Sarawak Officially Exits Malaysian Tourism Board Due to Tourism Tax Implementation



Sarawak Officially Exits Malaysian Tourism Board Because of Tourism Tax Implementation - World Of Buzz
Source: The Borneo Post and Malay Mail Online
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Recently, a press statement of Sarawak’s withdrawal of its representative in the Malaysia Tourism Board has been circulating throughout social media platforms across the nation. The press statement dated 12 June 2017 was released by the Chief Minister’s Office and would take effect immediately.

Sarawak’s decision was made because the State Government considers its participation unnecessary as it duplicates the roles played by the Sarawak Tourism Promotion Board.

Yesterday, the same issue was brought to the public’s attention after Tourism and Culture Minister, Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz lashed out at Sarawak Tourism Minister, Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah for his audacity to question the new tax implementation, which was scheduled to be carried out starting next month.

According to Free Malaysia Today, Karim was reported to have said that the new tax was an example of the federal government imposing tax laws in Sarawak without consultation. This statement has since drawn Nazri’s attention. He said:

You (Karim) should not talk big in politics. If you want to show samseng (thuggery), we are bigger samseng.”

The new tax would mean an implementation of extra charges amounting to RM20 per room at five-star hotels, RM10 at four-star outlets, RM5 at three-, two- and one-star hotels, whilst RM2.50 will be charged for other non-rated accommodation premises. To be honest, I’m already calculating how much tax I’ll be paying if I decide to go for a ‘cuti-cuti Malaysia’ vacation.

Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board chairman, Datuk Siew Ka Wei also reportedly said in a separate event that the new tax would ensure the industry’s sustainable growth and provide financial support for aggressive marketing campaigns.

So, what do you all think about this issue? Should the implementation of the new tax be carried out? Or do you agree with Nazri, that the new tax would mean higher income for our country, which eventually benefits us all?

And should this happen next month, make sure you plan your holidays wisely!

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Sarawak Officially Exits Malaysian Tourism Board Due to Tax Row - World Of Buzz 1

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