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Sarawak Govt Introduces Motorcycle Ambulances As First Medical Responders



Source: MohdIsmailIbrahim
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What’s the first thing that happens when someone gets into a serious accident? Calling the ambulance obviously! Not to taking your phone and recording it. But with our current traffic, it takes so long for the ambulance to arrive at the area of accident. With this latest move by the Sarawakian government, this problem could definitely find a solution and additional assistance could be provided when it is needed the most.

InsyaAllah Kesihatan di Sarawak akan ada satu lagi penambahbaikan penyampaian perkhidmatan untuk sekitar bandar utama….

Posted by Mohd Ismail Ibrahim on Sunday, December 8, 2019

” Thankfully, there’s an improvement in the delivery of the ambulance service. As a beginning, this move will be launched in Kuching, Miri and Sibu.”

These motorcycles will be used by medical attendants as “First Medical Responders” to the area of the accident to handle the traffic and clear a pathway for the ambulance so that people don’t follow behind the ambulance just to get ahead of the traffic. Not only that, these motorcycle ambulances can be used to provide immediate first aid to the injured.

This is an amazing and extremely innovative step by the Sarawakian government to improve the ambulance service. It’s time the rest of the country to make this happen! Just imagine the efficiency that can be achieved with this service.


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