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Rosmah’s Rendition of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ is So Sweet, No Wonder Najib Fell in Love



Rosmah's Rendition of Ed Sheeran's Perfect is So Sweet, No Wonder Najib Fell in Love - WORLD OF BUZZ
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While the Pakatan Harapan government is working hard in building a case against Najib Razak, the former prime minister is having the time of his life partying and having karaoke sessions.

On Sunday (June 24), Najib was in high spirits as his friends and supporters in Kuala Lumpur threw a party for him in conjunction with the Hari Raya celebrations.

Pictures and videos were circulating on Facebook, which were uploaded by those who were present at the event that was held at a luxurious space called The Diplomat KL. According to The Malaysian Insight, Najib was seen enjoying himself and entertaining guests by singing songs including Cliff Richard’s The Young Ones.

“They requested him to sing. So he did. He can carry a tune,” said former Gerakan and Parti Cinta Malaysia leader Huan Cheng Guan, who was among many other guests at the party.

Even Rosmah herself joined the singing session and sang her rendition of “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. Watch them in action here:

“Some 500 people attended. There were many young people too, which was surprising. It was organised by Daniel Goh, a social media activist who is not a politician,” Huan said.

“It was just a gathering to remember his contributions and to cheer him (Najib) up a bit. People chipped in to pay for the event.”

Source: Facebook

JZ Dale Eusoff, another guest, also posted a video of Najib singing and took selfies with Najib and his sons, Ashman and Mohd Nazifuddin. He commented on how happy Najib was at the party.

“Honestly guys, you gotta be here… I can see how happy Dato’ Sri Najib Razak (is)… seeing us spending Raya with him and his family. That’s what matters; the rest of us still believing in him. We want him back. We missed him so much. He has contributed so much to the nation,” said JZ Dale, who also recorded speeches by Goh and Najib.

Source: Facebook

Goh had praised the former prime minister and said that an open house for Najib had never been done before. He also said that the Pakatan Harapan government would eventually fail because “they can lie to some people some times but not all the people all the time”.

“We await your return to lead us. We miss ‘zaman Najib’ (Najib’s time in government),” he told Najib.

Najib, who was at a lost for words, said that during all 42 of his years in politics, he had never been to such an event hosted by people who simply believed in him, and added that the people made the event special as they were willing to make contributions from their hearts.

“Thank you to each of you for making this special,” he said.

Source: Facebook

He added that the most painful thing about losing in the May 9 elections was that he was no longer able to deliver his vision and transformation plan.

“I really believed that if on May 9, the people had given me an additional five years or so, with the plan Malaysia would really become a first-rate nation,” he said in a speech as his supporters cheered.

“I had laid out a complete plan from Perlis to Sabah… but unfortunately, due to politics of hate, lies, and false promises, the people were deluded into thinking change was good for us.

“Is it really a change? (Or do you see a) return of the old policies? Emergence of the old cronies? What change are we talking about?”

“Although we are out of power, dreams never die. A strong vision will never go away. Starting today, we will be together in building a new Malaysia that we can be proud of. Hidup Malaysia!” Najib said.

You can watch Najib singing here:

Looks like Najib is really enjoying himself while he can. He can really sing too, don’t you think?


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